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  • Don't leave valuables in vehicles

  • Don't give lifts to hitchhikers or strangers

  • Park in well-lit and populated areas

  • Carry your driver's licence with you at all times

  • Lock your doors and windows when you leave your vehicle

  • Fit an alarm and set it whenever you leave the vehicle

  • Ensure your vehicle immobiliser is in working order

  • Park in visible areas where many people pass by


  • Make your security visible 

  • Always use locking devices and chains (front/rear wheel and to the frame)

  • Install an alarm if possible\Always use a steering lock

  • Cover the bike/scooter

  • Leave in full view when in public

  • Ensure it is secured in a locked garage

  • Secure your helmet and riding gear away from the vehicle

  • Mark all major parts with engraver or micro dots


Yellow Stripes Bike
  • Register your bike details for free on the Bikelinc website- this will assist police to contact owners if the bike is lost or stolen

  • Always lock your bike when left unattended

  • Engrave your drivers licence number onto the bike frame to assist police to identify owner- Neighbourhood watch often provides bike engraving at local schools

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Scooter And Motorbike Security

Contains tips for theft prevention and a card to record motorbike / scooter details


Motor Vehicle Crime Card

Security tips to protect your vehicle and your valuables.

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Security Tips For

Car Users

Contains tips to reduce reduce the chance of car theft and car break ins.


Security Advice For Bicycle Owners

Information on bicycle security and registering your bike on Bikelink.

Downloadable Resources from  Western Australian Neighbourhood Watch and WA Police

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