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  • Be vigilant and aware of those around you when walking, shopping and participating in daily activities

  • Always make sure you can hear what is going on around you

  • Always carry your bags, wallets and purses close to your body

  • If you feel unsafe, remove yourself from the location

  • Tell your friends, family or colleagues where you are going what time to expect you

  • Walk in well-lit areas, with someone if possible

  • Plan ahead

  • Walk at a steady pace and be confident

  • Walk against the flow of traffic when possible

  • Avoid walking close to overgrown trees or bushes

  • Vary your routine where possible

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  • Keep your handbag/purse/wallet on you at all times

  • Never leave them in the trolley

  • Be vigilant and aware of those around you

  • Don't get distracted

  • Keep minimal cash in your purse/wallet/handbag

  • Always have your keys out and ready when returning to the car

  • Don't put handbags on the back of chairs or on the ground

  • When in toilets, keep bag close to you

Downloadable Resources from  Western Australian Neighbourhood Watch and WA Police

Seniors Safety.png

Safety Advice For Seniors

Security advice for seniors whilst at home or out and about in the comunity.

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PayWave & PayPass Fraud

Tip for Businesses and Personal Card Users to Secure PayWave/PayPass Cards

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Personal Safety

Tips for staying safe in public and in taxi's

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