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Information on reporting anti-social behaviour


Report antisocial driver behaviour or speeding to police on 131 444, or drop into a Police Station and complete a Traffic Incident Report. If the incidents are ongoing and you have information on the offender’s hoon report forms can also be downloaded from the WA Police Website.

What information do police need from you?

  • Description of driving, for example burn outs, drag racing

  • Description of driver

  • Date and time of offence

  • Precise location of offence

  • Vehicle details including registration, make, model, and colour

For more details on what type of information police require visit the WA Police Website - click the button below


Anti-social behaviour disturbs, annoys or interferes with someone’s ability to go about their lawful business. If you see someone who does not belong in the area, who looks suspicious!
Report anti-social behavior to Crime Stoppers:
1800 333 000


Anyone can report acts of graffiti vandalism against public assets, community facilities or private property. If graffiti vandalism occurs on your property please report the incident as soon as possible.

Report graffiti to the Police: 131 444

Report graffiti online - click button below

Downloadable Resources from  Western Australian Neighbourhood Watch and WA Police

Reporting suspicious behaviour.png

Reporting Suspicious Behaviour Guide

A step by step guide on how to report, what to report and who to report information on suspicious or criminal behaviour to.

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