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  • Lock your doors and windows even when you are at home

  • Lock security screens on doors EVEN when you are home and remove the key (place the key away from the door)    

  • Set your alarm whenever you leave if you have one (consider installation of one)

  • Lock your roller doors, sheds and outbuildings

  • If going out at night, leave a light on inside the house

  • Leave a radio or stereo on quietly (it can sound like someone is home)

  • Place Neighbourhood Watch stickers on windows, metre boxes, wheelie bins to show that you are proactive- stickers can be picked up from the Gosnells Neighbourhood Watch Resource Centre in Maddington.

  • Place a padlock on your metre box

  • Consider installing external security lighting

  • Ensure gates are locked, and fences are secure

  • Install security cameras and register on Cam-Map WA

Unlocking the Door


  • Secure personal belongings in locked homes, sheds or outbuildings

  • Engrave bicycles and scooters

  • Engrave home equipment such as televisions, radios, stereos, computer equipment

  • Keep a list of your personal belongings and photographs for insurance purposes

  • Mark belonging with your address with an ultra violet pen

Engraving tools and UV pens are available at the Gosnells Neighbourhood Watch Resource Centre!

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Downloadable Resources from  Western Australian Neighbourhood Watch and WA Police


Multi Residential Security

Security advice for multi-residential buildings and complexes providing tips on building security, personal security, vehicles, garages and car parks.

burglary prevention.png

Burglary Prevention

Provides advice on reporting suspicious behaviour and contains a guide to conduct your own home security audit.

Homeowners Property Register.png

Homeowner's Property Register

An interactive form to record important information on valuable household items.

UV Pen and Instructions_edited.jpg

Property Marking Instructions

Instructions on how to mark your valuables with a UV pen.

Rural Crime.png

Rural Crime Prevention

Information to protect your rural property from crime.

home burglary.png

Home Burglary Prevention

Top 10 Tips to avoid being burgled.

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