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  • Lock your windows and doors

  • Use automatic switches for Lighting, radios and televisions to give the impression you are home.

  • Get someone to put your bin out and bring it in on bin day

  • Get someone to remove your mail from the mailbox

  • Get someone to bring the paper in or cancel it for your holiday period

  • Get someone to attend your home at least once a week, park in the driveway and make it visible that someone is home

  • Give your contact details to several trusted people so that you can be contacted whilst you are away (for emergencies)

  • Ensure your security lights and alarms are in working order

Deck Chair

Downloadable Resources from  Western Australian Neighbourhood Watch and WA Police

Holiday Security.png

Holiday Security Advice

Holiday security advice for campers, caravaners and other holiday makers.

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Marine Watch

A guide to a more secure and safe boating experience.

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