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The objective of Neighbourhood Watch is to bring a feeling of safety, security and pride to all residents, to look out for one another within their everyday lives and our living environments.

Crime prevention is everybody's responsibility

Neighbourhood Watch encourages effective community relations and promotes crime prevention initiatives. 

You can do this by being able to:

-Communicate with your neighbours regularly

-Evaluate the safety and security of your home

-Take steps to improve areas of your home security where required

-Keep informed on local and contemporary crime prevention information and share this information with your neighbours

-Mark all items of value for police identification

Downloadable Resources from  Western Australian Neighbourhood Watch and WA Police

Neighbourhood Watch.png

Neighbourhood Watch Information

Information on Neighbourhood Watch, how to set up a network, how to practice the NHW philosophy, security checklist and reporting options.

Get to know your neighbour.png

Knock Knock Card

Introduction cards to break the ice and start conversations with your neighbours.

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