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Do you have a few hours a week or once a fortnight that you can offer to your local Neighbourhood Watch to promote safety and security issues to your local community?

Do you like talking to people and being involved in local groups and events?

Do you have special skills that you could offer to our group?

Would you like to see our community turn back the clock to the days when we all felt safe and secure? 

We need your help, everyone has skills we can use, and everyone is welcome to join our friendly volunteer team. There are many types if tasks and roles that need completing, from talking to people at community events, to packing and ordering resources, assisting in the Resource Centre answering calls and talking to visitors, community door knocks or even graphic and web design.

PLEASE consider JOINING US in making our Community SAFER.



Over 5 million Australians make a difference in their local community by volunteering each year. Volunteers make an extraordinary contribution to society and helping a mate is a part of Australian culture and identity. You too can make a difference.

Click on the button below to download the registration form then send it to:

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