• Don't leave valuables vehicles

  • Don't give lifts to hitchhikers or strangers

  • Park in well-lit and populated areas

  • Carry your driver's licence with you at all times

  • Lock your doors and windows when you leave your vehicle

  • Fit an alarm and set it whenever you leave the vehicle

  • Ensure your vehicle immobiliser is in working order

  • Park in visible areas where many people pass by

Motorbike and scooter security

  • Make your security visible 

  • Always use locking devices and chains (front/rear wheel and to the frame)

  • Install an alarm if possible\Always use a steering lock

  • Cover the bike/scooter

  • Leave in full view when in public

  • Ensure it is secured in a locked garage

  • Secure your helmet and riding gear away from the vehicle

  • Mark all major parts with engraver or micro dots